Custom defined (service) tasks in web based modeler

Hi everyone,

I’m very new to Flowable (so please be patience :sweat_smile: ) but I have non trivial task.
I need to define custom service tasks, each having a java delegate associated, so that the user can create workflows using this set of “predefined” tasks and get an expected behaviour.

I managed to obtain this in the ecplise-based modeler but I don’t understand how to achieve the same for the web-based modeler.

I went through these tutorials:
Implement a Custom Service Task
Add a Custom Service Task to the Flowable Design Process Palette

But I didn’t manage to get it done.

Could anybody be so kind to help me with that? As I said I’m new to the tool so I will need very basic steps/information as well.

Thanks a lot,



The tutorials that you referenced are for the commercial version of Flowable and that is why you probably had some problems.

I would suggest that you take a look at this forum discussion: Java Service Task in Designer / Modeler.

Hope that helps make things a little clearer.

Thanks for your reply,

I already had a look to that guide as well but it is not very clear to me.
I understood that the palette elements can be updated through the stencil set json file. I expected this file to be available but I don’t find it in the installation. So the only way to achieve this is to “fork” the project?

In this way I can add a task but still I don’t know how to associate the java delegate to the task.

Thanks a lot,