Sequence flow condition


My question is about the doc
at location “with a sequence flow condition that evaluates”.

I am learning bpmn and flowable which seems very interesting.
I executed the example given in the section 14 of the doc, and i get in trouble with 14.3 section when i create an exclusive gateway : i do not know how to set the propery named “Condition expression”.
If i click on the exclusive gateway, the properties listed are :

  • id,
  • doc,
  • exclusive,
  • name,
  • asynchrone,
  • flow order,
    but “Condition expression” is not mentionned.

I supposed i missed something, but what ?


You can set the condition on the sequence flow (one of the arrows from the exclusive gateway to another element).

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Thank you Tojs,
but there is no field allowing to enter the NAME of the variable which is true or false.
Maybe the exclusive gateway finds automatically this name ?

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Nobody was able to answer this question.
The answer is : concerning the processes tab of the flowable-modeler, the propery named “Condition expression” is among the properties of the arrow.
This information is missing in the doc.