Access the sequenceFlow id from execution during expression evaluation

Hi, Folks,

We were trying to get the Sequence Flow name inside condition expression in sequence flow.
The expression is calling a bean and execution is passed to the bean.
Would return the Gateway connected to the Flow. We want to be able to implement some conditional logic based on metadata attached to the sequence flow.
We understand that the execution is moved only after the condition expression is evaluated, but it would be nice if for this case we are able to determine the sequence flow, that is being evaluated, from within the expression logic.

At the moment this information is only used for exception messages, but not available in the execution.

Does enhancing the Execution with this information seem reasonable ? Probably additional properties ?

Best Regards, Chavdar

We checked and all sequence condition evaluation goes through UEL Expression condition , that can set the current sequence flow id in some variable in the execution. Sadly it only uses it for exception message.

Hey @chavdarbaykov,

I don’t see a reason not to expose this sequence flow if in expression resolvement. We have different mechanisms that would allow easy access to this information. However, currently something like this is not at the top of our priorities. If you would like to see something like this, I would suggest trying to create a PR that we can look into and integrate.