How to add a table inside a flowable form?


I need your knowledge for creating a flowable form which contains a table.
When the user will fill in this form, he will add some items (name, ref, quantity, price) by clicking on a “+” button.
But when i look at the flowable modeler, i do not see “Table” in the panel.
Do you know if it is possible ?

Thanks in advance

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No answer, so i guess it is not possible.
Workaround : use flowable embedded with jars, transform the table into json string and save this string into a simple field inside a flowable form.


No we don’t have table support in the current Form editor and renderer yet.
But the Form Editor can quite easily be extended with new components, and we welcome PRs :wink:

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It seems complicated to me, because each table created by users has his own columns; so if i want to insert this table into the flowable database, i have to insert these informations into postgres table “act_hi_varinst”,
I have to create :

  • a line for the new table,
  • a line for each row with parent_id=[id of table parent]
  • a line for each cell with parent_id=[id of row parent]
    The ideal solution would be to create a postgres table for each new table,
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