Flowable Integrate with form.io

Hi, has anybody done a project to integrate form.io with flowable (A business process management engine). In the form design section, I want to substitute the form designer of the original flowable with form.io.

Or I wonder if after saving the form builder of form.io, can it output the json data of the form?


We have done it but through an external modeler and by linking the target form (created outside of the designer) to the business process through the form key field.
This is not perfect but it does the required job.
However, I’d be interested if someone figured out how to integration it into the designer directly.

What exactly do you need?

Has someone been able to integrate formio into the modeler? This is something that I’m planning to work on and I’ll be interested to hear any feedback on that.

As I understand the task, you want to create form modeler. The model will contain form.io components. The output will be a form model, parsed and displayed by form.io form engine.
Am I right?