Can i create a new table inside database that is used by flowable


I created a table (which contains solution specific information i.e not related flowable) in the same database that is being used by flowable. After that i am facing some issues which running flowable appliaction.

Please let me know if flowable allows us to create our own table in the database

Thanks in advance

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Yes, Flowable can be embedded into your app and they can share one DB.

Can you be more specific?


Thank you for your response.

We deployed flowable in our kubernetes cluster as a separate deployment which is connected to a Mysql instance. This instance has a database named ‘xyz’ this database is used by flowable deployment.

We implemented another microservice (task-service) which is a wrapper around flowable. This wrapper service created a Table named ‘VARIABLES’ in ‘xyz’ database. It will make calls to flowable deployment (via in-cluster calls) and also perform some SELECT and INSERT queries on ‘xyz’ database.

After performing load test we got an error in flowable deployment (we restarted the deployment) logs
Unable to start web server; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name ‘servletEndpointRegistrar’
Hence my wrapper service is not working.
No matter how many times I deployed the flowable I got the same error, that’s when i cleared everything in ‘xyz’ database and deployed flowable again. Now everything is working fine.

That’s when i got this question whether flowable allows us to create our own tables or not

Hey @snalabothu,

As @martin.grofcik Flowable can share the DB with other applications and you can have different tables in the same DB.

You should provide the full stacktrace of your error in order for us to be able to determine the actual problem.


Thank you @filiphr for your reply.

Looks like the issue is from other service which is interacting with the database. There is some connection pool issue from other service. There is some limit for the active connection to our database

Sorry for the trouble

Once again thank you for time.