Embedding Flowable in a J2EE application

We have an application that has a database on the back end. It has an extensive data model but lacks a good workflow utility.

I am guessing Flowable comes with its own database. Is it possible to use the application data base instead of the built in database in Flowable?

If not, how do you make it available for queries within our application in a contextual way as a query might encompass both our application search as well as a search in Flowable?

Would be interested in understanding how Flowable has been integrated into an existing application which has its own database.


You can manually create db table to your existing application DB by running the sql scripts --> https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/tree/master/modules/flowable-engine/src/main/resources/org/flowable/db.

as per flowable .docs, provide same application db schema to flowable with application required configurations.

Is there a visual diagram of the data model?


I suggest you to point Flowable to a clean database and use reverse engineer to get what you want.