Adding custom tables in Flowable Database

So I have a situation where I am spinning up asynch jobs, and I want to do custom audit logging of these records in the database. To avoid unnecessary connections, I am in a position where I would be using the same Oracle DB Schema that my Flowable tables live in (rather than spin up a new connection pool, I figure just use the one I’ve already got).

Is there any fundamental problem with creating my own custom table that lives alongside the flowable tables within the same schema Flowable uses? The purpose of this table is to capture not only when the job was scheduled and when it was picked up and completed, but who scheduled it, what action was made against the workflow task, etc. The idea being is that I can then have code that reads that table and reports to me at regular intervals whether one of my async update jobs went down in flames.

I’m asking to make sure that if I upgraded Flowable again in the future, I wouldn’t risk blowing up my custom table(s).

No. If the table is in the same schema, Oracle should be able to handle all of this without problems. You can even use the same connection from the current Flowable transaction to do this.

Cool. I had planned on reusing the same connection pool/transaction (I set it up using HikariCP), and I had a feeling it was going to be more a matter of whether the DB platform let me do this. Still, figured I would ask in the event that there was the potential for something bad to happen to Flowable.