Can I create new database using flowable database configurations

Hi Team,

We could able to configure existing database for flowable, Instead of existing database is it possible to create new database if database isn’t exist using the database configurations.

If you set the ‘databaseSchemaUpdate’ property to ‘true’ on the process engine config, the schema and all the tables will be created.

Thank you @joram, for your reply

Using ‘databaseSchemaUpdate’ we can create the schema/tables in the existing database. Is it possible to create a new database using flowable?

While configuring the database if we provide the database which is not existing, will flowable create the new database? Is there any way to create a new database using flowable.

No, Flowable doesn’t do that, as the way to do it is different for each different database . It would also mean the user connecting to the system can see/modify any data stored in the system (not just Flowable’s), which isn’t safe.