Disable Auto Creation of DB during Flowable engine startup

Hi Team,
I am looking for below solution:

While application start up, flowable creates DB schema/tables basis databaseSchemaUpdate value. I understand how we can disable this with below property.

“databaseSchemaUpdate” value="none"

If we do this, than what all measure we need to take care additionally, its impact and recommended approach to go for production setup.

Is it good to go with default value(false)/true/none/create-drop.

It will be great if we have product tables script available which are required to be created explicitly.


Hi Deepak.

You can disable db schema update as you wrote. You can extract sql scripts to upgrade DB schema from the flowable source.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for your response. Indo have below queries …

  1. Can you share link to get SQL scripts to upgrade DB schema.
  2. Is it a one time activity, when we setup the DB first time for an application.
  3. When we add new application, workflow models in same DB schema than would there be any additional practice which we need to take care from code like data insertion, update , etc.

Thank you.

Hi Deepak,

e.g. flowable-engine/modules/flowable-engine/src/main/resources/org/flowable/db/upgrade at main · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub

You need to upgrade DB schema when flowable-engine is upgraded

During the deployment all needed data are set.