Form reference and modeler export

Hi, I’m new to flowable and I try to export a process that contains a reference to a form.
The process is exported correctly without the form. Is there any ways to export the form from the modeler or any other mean ?

Add the process to an app (in the last menu item in Flowable Modeler). When you export the app, the process and its referenced forms will be exported.

I can’t see the dependant form in the bpmn exported file. The form is set in the Reference Form in the task.
I can see the name of the reference in the exported file, but not the form itself.

The form is referenced using the formKey attribute on the user task element.

To have the form exported, you’d need to add the process to an app and export it as one artifact.

Hi Joram,
Thanks for your answer.
I’m able to export the process using the “Export to BPMN 2.0” button on top right of the process.
I used formKey attribute as you mentioned (I removed the value on the form reference) but still don’t see the process in the generated xml file.

FYI, I want to use this process file on a Spring boot application.