Modeler: DMN reference lost after BPMN import


When I import a BPMN file with a DMN task, the DMN reference is lost.


  • Create a BPMN with a DMN task
  • Decision Table reference is set to “No reference selected
  • Select an existing DMN as Decision Table reference
  • Decision Table reference is set to “myDMNTable
  • Save BPMN
  • Export BPMN as XML file
  • Delete BPMN in modeler
  • Import same BPMN as XML file
  • Decision Table reference is now set to “No reference selected

I have the same behaviour in Flowable 6.6 & 6.7

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When importing a single BPMN XML the reference is to the DMN decision table (or service) is not set.
Please use an App export / import for importing models and keeping (and updating when needed) references to other models.

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Hi @yvo, thanks for your answer :grin:

It means that, without using an App, it is impossible to use and redeploy (manually) only a BPMN without having to set again each time the corresponding DMNs (and Forms?).
We always have to redeploy the full set of BPMN + DMN + Forms (in the App) just to keep the references in the BPMN?

Thanks again
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For forms it’s a bit different. When importing a BPMN XML the static property formKey is set.
But for single BPML XML imports the behaviour for tables / services is as described. (One of the technical reasons is that you don’t have the context of all decision tables available when importing a single BPMN file. This is way you have to do something special in order to determine the name and id of the referenced decision table; which is needed in the modeler to make the link).
You could have a look at implementing something like the forms approach and contribute it to the project.

But for now; using apps is the advised way.



Ok, thanks for the detailed explanation Yvo :slight_smile:
Will look for a way to contribute.