Flowable modeler exporting process to BPMN2.0 does not include all attributes

Hi all,

I created a process in flowable-modeler with pool and lanes. However, whenever I export the process to BPMN2.0, some attributes are reverted back to their original values like the targetNamespace and candidateStarterGroups. Any possible fix to this?

I’m using flowable release 6.4.3.


Any answers for this?

I don’t recall a public 6.4.3 release, do you mean 6.4.2 or are you building from source? I don’t think much has changed with this in 6.5.0 but you please check the most current version?

Thanks for you reply.

I am building from source and still need to manually add the said attributes everytime I download the model I created in flowable modeler.

Can you give an example bpmn xml containing those attributes?
Does the modeler allow to edit these attributes or are these attributes missing?

@kerr I have the same problem. Could you resolve it?