Missing process properties in models with swimlanes

I’m trying to list all process that a user can start, but process definition queries don’t work with models with swimlanes. The property “flowable:candidateStarterUsers” was missing in exports.

If you add swimlanes to a Flowable Modeler diagram, some process properties are omitted in BMPN export and deployment (eg: flowable:candidateStarterUsers).

I know swimlanes are not fully supported. I understand that swimlanes are documentation only and don’t have an impact on runtime execution, but this affects process queries.

Is there any workaround? Should we avoid swimlanes at all?

That’s a bug indeed. Fixed here: https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/commit/952fe7228d674ce7d47d4e5ce850f2f92d883183

(Note that importing such a process with swimlanes might not work, there is a known bug there).

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