Using modeler with swimlanes


I find it incredibly frustrating trying to use the modeler with swimlanes. Resizing the pools seems to be a trial and error thing and often messes up the formatting. Increasing the length to the right doesn’t appear possible.

Have other people encountered these problems or is this just me? Are there other alternatives? As the modeler produces a bpmn file, technically I could use another tool to produce the workflow. Have others taken this approach and if so, what tools have you had success with?




Swimlanes are indeed not that well supported currently. We hope to improve this … but there’s a lot we want to do at the same time :wink: Do note that swimlanes are documentation only and don’t have an impact on runtime execution.


Thanks for the reply joram. I understand that swimlanes are not functional and really only help visually separate out the activities between actors or groups. Some in our leadership team like seeing them in the processes and I had been struggling using them within the modeler. Happy to see it’s not something I was doing.



Hi. Do you have any plans for updating the bpmn diagram editor, because we are considering using the one from and bolting it onto flowable. If you have any concrete plans we may wait for that to materialize instead.


any progress for this issue?
william cai