Form Export With App

I was trying to export my app which had some cmmn and bpmn. The task inside the bpmn had some form referenced to it.
When exporting and restoring the app at a different place, I could not find the form being exported with the app.

I tried the solution given in Form reference and modeler export
using a bpmn with a single task and a form linked to it, but when trying to upload that app the form was still not visible in the form section.

app link

Try the .bar format. And where and how are you importing ? If you are using REST API make sure you are using the “app” REST API not “process” or “cmmn” as those APIs will not import Forms from the zip/bar.

Hello @mikezerosix
Is there a way to upload the bar file through the UI?
I was trying to import via the import app button in the apps tab in the modular app section.

That should work. The mistake I made was to use wrong deploy REST API.