Are Forms deployable separately (like process models and decision tables)?

I see no option to download a form from the flowable-modeler designer
and no option in flowable-admin to upload a form XML design either

(with DMN I see I can export from modeler but Admin does not have an upload action either ???)

so does that mean the only way i can deploy a form (via utility programs) is by packaging it into an App ?

otherwise programatically or by the nature of the process engine startup that will deploy resources it sees on the classpath, but in either of these cases how do I get my form XML out of the web flowable-modeler ?

why is there no view XML source toggle on the flowable-modeler ?? or am I just missing it


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The form definition is in JSON (see the Form API docs). Currently, you can only deploy a form as part of an App. There isn’t UI to export/import a form model currently, but we should add it.


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@PHH @joram @tijs Process definitions are auto scanned (src/main/resources/processes/*) and deployed on running spring boot application. I am wondering where do I need to keep form json files so that they could be auto deployed too. If I am correct, the formKey attribute accepts a form but not the path.

<userTask id="simple_task" name="Simple Task" flowable:candidateGroups="simple_task_group" flowable:formKey="simple_form">

Is there any auto scan default (or configurable) path or I am required to package bpmn xml file with the form files together into a bar file ?

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We need to do some work to get the Form, DMN and CMMN engine to work nicely with Spring boot, currently this is supported for BPMN mainly. Using the BAR approach will indeed work best for now I think.

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