Flowable Rest with read replicas of Postgres DB

Hi, Is it possible for us configure Rest engine to connect to read and write replicas of Postgres?

Read replica will be say useful for all the heavy duty calls for historical, completed process, etc.

If this is not currently present, how do I size a Postgres DB for rest engine? ( In AWS, should I be choosing a t3.large or a m4.large or something else )

Isn’t this a matter of setting up the db connection / proxy properly (and using the right jdbc url)?

That fully depends on number of runtime instances and expected concurrent usage.

Hi Joram,
Thanks for the reply. Makes it more clear for me now.

So, to reiterate, in a simplistic arrangement, I can have 2 process engines called say processRead and processWrite respectively.

processRead is connected to the read replica of say postgres. My proxy will be connecting to processRead for all read APIs.

Similarly, my proxy will be connecting to processWrite for all the write APIs.