Use Aurora read replica to improve performance

Good morning all,

We have a Spring boot service using the Flowable Java API and are running some load tests. We are reaching a point where the bottleneck seems to be the database which is struggling to cope with the load (CPU is over 90%). We have the database in AWS Aurora, with a read replica. Our Spring boot service is only using a connection string pointing to the write database node, meaning that the replica is just sitting there idle. We were wondering if there is any way to have Flowable use both nodes somehow? Would that be possible? If so, would that be recommendable? Is Flowable engine ready to be able to write in a database but read from another? Sorry if this is a silly question, but it’s important to us to know if there is something we can do here or if we should move the focus to something else (e.g. increase the database CPU + memory)

Many thanks in advance.