Using existing database to read and write model

Flow Gurus, we have existing application and we are exploring to use Flowable. Lot of data changes and actions happen from a webapp. How can I have Flowable write the status with other modified information in the existing database, and also read from it each time a new task needs to be performed? I understand we can create a service task to write externally outside of Flowable, but is there any built-in function within Flowable, so the data in Flowable context and the actual database is always in sync?


The easiest way to do this, is to use for example the transaction manager from Spring. You inject the datasource/transaction manager into the process engine configuration. From that point on, all code marked as transactionally together (e.g. with the @Transactional annotation) will be executed within the same database transaction.

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Hi Joram, thanks for your reply. Is there any example in the flowable examples?

Hi Joram, never mind. I got this working. Thanks for your direction.