Making Changes in Flowable Engine

Hi Flowable Team,
I need to store some data of the flowable to other MongoDB database. So for that should I do needful changes in flowable engine code itself or separately can I a plug the changes into the flowable engine.

If there any way suggest some.



Can you tell us a bit more about the type of data that you’d like to store?

My teams workflows require that we access many external systems, including databases. We connect to them as we’d do in any other spring boot service.


Hi Chris,
I need to store history and event logs data to other database (like MongoDB) for that should I write separate SpringBoot application or should I make changes in main flowable engine code.



You might find Async History useful for this. Have a look at this example and the user guide reference. This question has been discussed multiple times in the forum too.

Hi Inakihn,
I have implemented that Async History Example but that one is standalone project in which there they have created separate process engine and I need to do that changes in the main engine that flowable has provided bcoz I cannot run two engines at a time.

I need to know how to do the changes in flowable engine code.



Your project should be similar to that of the example, in the sense that flowable engines are dependencies that you configure, etc. You’d deploy your processes in that project, interact with this processes, and so on. And the end result is that you have a war out of that project that is the end result. I don’t understand what other project would you have.

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