How should i save the flowable history data in mongodb

Hi Flowable Team,

Actually i am new in the flowable so i dont have any idea to how the flowable history will persist in mongodb ?

I need to persist only flowable history data in mongodb.


There’s nothing out of the box yet (always happy for someone to contribute). You would need to write an adapter that took the json from the Async History interface and saves it to MongoDB (doing any json manipulation you might need). There’s examples of the Async History connectors here:

May be someone else in the community has already done it and can share/help.


Hi paul,

i gone through the project which you are given but i am not getting how should i have to use that

Hi Paul,
Thanks for suggestion, But i am still stuck in the problem in the project you had shared,Actually that is working fine but that project is using its own flowable engine,I want to connect with the actual flowable engine which i am using for the creating the process an so on, so how should i do that please suggest me the solution ?

Thank you


Could you provide more details of your project setup? What do you currently have and what is working or not? I could guess that you are using flowable apps, in particular Flowable Task ui app, and as the processes are being run in that engine, you might be having trouble figuring out how does that fit with the asynch history project from the examples. Am I in the right direction?

Hi inakihn,
Yes you are in right direction, Actually i have tried the solution suggested by the paul that he has given a some git link from there i took the project which is using a RabbitMQ as Message Queue. so now i have running that project i am getting the result in the form of JSON. but the problem is that this project is manually taking the .Bpmn20.xml file from that they manually taking they are deploying the process and creating everything manually , but what I need is that I am using only the flowable-rest war I need to make changes in the engine that is deployed in for the that flowable-rest war. How can I attached my project with that engine.

Thank you

Your project can be based on Spring boot asynch example. Instead of just using the java api, you can modify its dependencies and you can use the flowable-spring-boot-starter-rest (see Spring boot starter example), that way you have a spring boot application that exposes the REST api. (You can execute this project directly or package it as war and deploy wherever you want). Then you can then deploy your own process manually, or put it in the appropriate folder to be autodeployed on startup, and interact with it from the REST api.

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Thank you so much All.