Flowable 7.0.0 - Async History Removal and Exporting History Data


We would like to bring to your attention a significant change in Flowable version 7.0.0, specifically regarding the removal of async history support. This change has implications for our application (Flowable 6.x.x) that relies on this feature to export history data into MongoDB.

In Flowable 6.x.x, we have successfully utilized the async history feature to export historical data into a MongoDB database, which has been a valuable aspect of our application’s functionality. However, with the release of Flowable 7.0.0, async history support has been discontinued.

We kindly request your guidance and recommendations on how we can adapt to this change and establish a solution for exporting history data to an external database while transitioning to Flowable 7.0.0 or later versions.

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Kindly share your input. Appreciate your support.

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Hi all,

The HistoryManager is a pluggable concept in Flowable and implementing an additional history support, like an export to MongoDB, will be possible by implementing a custom HistoryManager.

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