Custom history database


In my project we are using flowable and there is a requirement such that we want to store history details in separate database instead of storing in database where engine is running. For example, a process instance started and completed, now these details will be moved to history tables of same database, but I want to move to another database. It means I will maintain a different database for runtime and history.
Is this possible ??
I searched for solution in flowable document and it does not contain this information. So could you please tell me how to achieve this in flowable if feature exist.


With the next release of Flowable 6.1.0 we will have an async history option that will allow you to do exactly this. You will be able to store the historic information in any other data source by implementing an interface that will be invoked with different types of historic information.

But also in the current implementation this is possible by using event listeners:

You can register for certain event types and write the event data to a different database.

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OK, I will implement with event listeners.
Thank you.

Flowable 6.1.0 isn’t far away and the async history will be easier to use than the detail needed with event listeners.