Bulk Batch execution in Flowable using Aurora MYSQL

Hi Experts,

Can any one please suggest on the below. Any info is highly appreciated

  1. Do we have any API for executing Bulk or Batch Transactions in Flowable engine

  2. if Batch execution is possible,how can we suspend these batches,is there any mechanism

  3. Can we use Aurora MYSQL DB for a Spring boot Flowable application


Flowable has basic batch support (check the BatchService), however it’s quite low-level and probably not what you’re looking for. What kind of use cases are you trying to achieve?

Aurora works (I tried it), however we don’t run automated QA on it.

Thanks Joram

We are looking out for Process instance modification example starting multiple instance from a step in the mid of the workflow or completing the process instances in bulk at a specific step or updating the status of the worflow to some other state
Are these sort of behaviour possible through the Flowable Batch API[similar to Camunda Batch Process instance modification]

Aurora DB Perspective is to do the DB Scaling Horizontally up and down basis the load gettting pumped in. Is this piece achievable


Hi ,

It would be really great if we can get some pointers on using Aurora Postgres with Spring Boot Flowable engine. We are working in this direction in order to achieve the feature of DB Auto scalability feature whenever the CPU goes above a certain range… Thanks

I’m not sure what kind of pointers you’re looking for? Aurora Postgres is, from the Flowable engine perspective, a database like any other. So I assume you’ll have to monitor CPU usage of the instance where the engine(s) is/are running and configure it accordingly. Although the resource usage of the database will probably be the first to get higher before the CPU of the engine rises (unless using lots of CPU logic in service tasks).