Flowable bpmn process model

Just an example
Like I created a myProcess.bpmn20.xml model in flowable modular I want to know where it saved that process model file
I haven’t downloaded it, I wanna know where flowable keeps track of those files
So they keep locally or on cloud or in their own databases

Hi Sagaraa.

Models are stored in flowable.public.act_de_model table.


but where does this database exists…I tried finding it but no use.

Check your process engine configuration. By default h2 db is used.



Thanks for replying but I think you misunderstood my question, I was asking something else, I have created a process in online editor just like this(image) and later I make any change in this file (I haven’t downloaded it yet) I want those changes to get reflect in my application (without downloading it again and deploying to server)

Is there any API for this were I can get demo.bpmn20.xml file and don’t have to deploy the file again n again on server

there are 3 .db file in a folder
which consists of all the information that we need I guess as I replaced them with my old file I could see my older processes in editor
I even tried to read those file but seems there is some error while reading these
is there any flowable API through which I could read those files.

As Martin mentioned ‘models’ are stored in the flowable.public.act_de_model table (just one of the many tables that comprise Flowable’s database schema). By default, the Flowable web applications are configured to use the H2 in-memory database.

You can access ‘models’ via Flowable’s REST API