Where does Modeler put bpmn files?

I just started using the visual designer for the Flowable Modeler, using the Web UI and Tomcat. It all works fine, but where are the BPMN files written? Is it all going to an H2 database by default? I would expect files on the file system.

I found the .properties file for configuring the database, I switched to H2 using a file instead of mem. Is there an easy way to export the .bpmn XML file? I want to store those in my own code repository.


The ‘visual designer’ has a JSON model. This is stored in the database (in table ACT_DE_MODEL).
When a process is deployed to the engine this editor JSON model is converted to executable BPMN XML.
If you want to save the BPMN XML from the modeler you can download it from the process detail view (displayed when you select a process model). It’s the arrow down icon.