Creation and location of bmpn xml file

Hi Flowable !

i executed the example decribed in section 14 of the doc, and i cannot find the xml file (BPMN) which is supposed to be generated by Flowable.
Is there a property for setting the path of this file ?
This file is automatically generated ? or we have to click a button somewhere in order to generate it ?

Thanks in advance.


there are two ways to get this file after designing workflow diagram,

  1. if you are using web based "Flowable BPMN editor ", you can save/download bpmn xml file from the browser.
  2. If you are Eclipse based flowable pugin designer - by clicking “Generate Deployment Artifacts” bpmn xml will be generate.
    refer :

V.Vijaya Bhaskara Rao (Vzy)

Thank you Vzy !
I get the xml file with these steps : Forms tab, “show details” button on the form, download button.
But it works only once, by now the “download” button is no more there !!!

Here is the answer to my question :
The best way to get the process+forms+decision tables, is to expost the app definition as a zip : flowable-modeler, Apps tab, button with arrow which goes down named “Export app definition as a zip file”.