BPMN editor and forms

we are trying to evaluate Open source Flowable in order to implement specific requests from our HR department.
We downloaded the latest version of Rest API war file (7.0.1) and configure it with mysql DB successfully. We can create/check users, user groups, processes, process instances,…
We are trying to follow the documentation and create the first application ( FinancialReportProcess) and we have the following questions:

  • we cannot start the Flowable IDM and Task UIs described in the documents. Do we need additional war files and how can we download them?
  • we created a bpmn xml file on cloud.flowable, downloaded it and use it for the project. How can we use forms for the user tasks? Do we have to update the xml manually? Could you give us instructions (or send the relevant docs) on how to associate a specific user task with a form (file format, file location in IntelliJ project,…)?
    thanks, BR

Hey @jbekiari,

Which documents are you referring to?

Flowable 7 no longer has a Task UI.