Where are forms stored in flowable-ui (open source version)


I have something that really bugs me. I know that the feature is not available as such, but I wanted to export a form that is in the modeler to see how it looked like (as it is not the same as in the enterprise version). So I wanted to access the database to achieve my goal, but I did not find anything in it about forms that are in the modeler. But still, it must be stored somewhere. I tried to go through the source code, with no luck.

Can anyone tell me where are the forms saved in the modeler stored in order to get the proper .form file ?

Best regards and thank you a lot in advance


Perhaps you know this already but just be sure;
There are ‘editor JSON models’; which represent the artefact in the modeler.
When you deploy these ‘design models’ to the engine(s); or export them as a deployable bar file; they are transformed to executable models. For example BPMN XML files.
This is also the case with Form models. (although these do not differ that much; but there are 2 different artefacts).
An easy to get hold of these is to create an App that contains a process or case definition which references the form(s).
When you export an app definition you will get the design time artefacts. When you export a bar file you will get the deployable artefacts.

Please mind that there is a difference between the commercial and the open source Form engine.

Hope this helps.