Allow to export .form definition from modeler UI

hello, flowable-modeler allows to download .bpmn definition by clicking ‘download’ button on process-definition screen (that button links to URI /flowable-modeler/app/rest/models/<process_definition_id>/bpmn20?version=<timestamp_millis>).

It would be very convenient to have similar ‘download/export’ button on form-overview screen, instead of querying ACT_FO_FORM_RESOURCE table in SQL client for RESOURCE_BYTES_.

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thanks for your reply,
i need to get the form properties dynamically when user click their task before they complete it.
I used “formService.getRenderedTaskForm”, but it warns me “Form with formKey ‘createGeneralWorkOrderForm’ does not exist”.And the form really exist.


You can use the getFormModelByKey method in the FormRepositoryService (part of the flowable-form-api and flowable-form-engine modules). This will return the form definition in a Java POJO model.

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@tijs are you considering to add ‘export’ button to end-user UI that just links to corresponding API call ?

Yep, i realized that, but i cant injected FormRepositoryServicein anyway.Then i usedSQL` to resolved it.:rofl:
Thanks a lot.

@n0mer Yes that’s something that would be good to add to the UI indeed.

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