Proces bpmn xml files

I have 2 queries. Kindly assist me with sample.

  1. I want to store the process resource file (bpmn xml files) in database and load them on need basis instead of startup to load all the process.

  2. Can the User Task or exclusiveGateway hold some metadata which will be used by application during process of human task. like i want to store some condition like
    if amount > 1000 then only allowed user
    do something…
    elseif amount > = 500 then only allowed user
    do something…
    dos something…
    so the application can fetch this metadata and do some process


Hey @saggam,

Flowable is already doing this. What exactly are you trying to achieve?

The place to hold this data is the process instance. You can achieve this by using modeling a process that would do what you explained.