Is there an official way to declare data model and store and retrieve data from custom database tables within tasks

i’m new to BPMN and Java community so i’m sorry for asking silly questions!!
I tested several BPMN platforms out there and found that Flowable is the best solution to me but there is some issues i can’t solve tell now like handing database.

actually in Bonita Platform they stated it clearly in this getting started tutorial

in this tutorial the second step to create an app is to create the data model for the process
like this

Create the data model

There are two stages to defining variables: first you define the business data model, and then you specify how the process handles objects of the model.

here is my questions
can i create database tables and access it within script task
or i have to implement a java class and use it with java service task ( i don’t prefer this )
or there is official way to store and retrieve data from custom database tables

Note: i’ll use flowable ui apps as i don’t have time and resources to implement new one

Form properties:

All information relevant to a business process is either included in the process variables themselves or referenced through the process variables. Flowable supports complex Java objects to be stored as process variables like Serializable objects, JPA entities or whole XML documents as Strings.

Ref: Instant Gratification with Flowable 6

thanks robinyo for replying

i’m sorry for being to clear about my question

here is what i want to accomplish

i would like to have two processes
one with custom table relate each employee with his manager ( employeeID: managerID )
and the other is leave request process which notify the manager by mail to accept or reject the request of his team

how i could create that table and insert data and retrieve it from within the process

i’m sorry for my bad language!!

Hi @m.farahat

Often the functionality associated with finding a user’s manager is provided via a directory server

Another approach would be to provide a RESTful service that returns a user’s manager. You could try out this approach using json-server and Flowable’s Http Task.

You can send an email using Flowable’s Email Task.