DELETE repository/models/{modelId}

I am trying to delete the existing model through Api DELETE repository/models/{modelId}
I am getting below mentioned exception
“message”: “Not found”
“exception”: “Could not find a model with id ‘e2977adc-fe48-11ea-9be2-b82a72bb8f6d’.”
restapi: http://localhost:8080/flowable-task/process-api/repository/models/e2977adc-fe48-11ea-9be2-b82a72bb8f6d
I am trying this through postman.
can some please help me with this?

The models endpoint is a legacy endpoint, when the models were stored in the database tables of the engines. The modeler application has it’s own tables now.

Unless you’re talking about deployed process definitions (that would be under /repository/deployments/{id} where the id is the id of the deployment related to the process definition)?

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