CMMN case hierarchy

I saw in the feature matrix for the different flowable products that CMMN case hierarchy was only supported by Flowable Work. Does it mean that the core engine is somewhere different in Flowable Work ?

@PHH may be able to clarify what is meant by “Hierarchical Entities” on the feature matrix, but Work utilizes the open source BPMN, CMMN, & DMN engines. However, we do swap out the Forms engine with one that is more feature rich. It also adds a UI, some features, additional REST endpoints, enhanced security, and elastic search indexing. Generally, these are things that you would need to do when integrating the core engines into your own app.

There is a difference in the expression execution between the enterprise and community engines, because there’s much more complex evaluations being done in enterprise. Not sure this is the place to highlight the differences. You can do all the work yourself with the open source engines, but it’s about managing and referencing the hierarchical entitles. If you want to discuss further, maybe the Trial Forum is a good place


Thanks a lot answering Paul. I can’t login or signup in the trial forum maybe because i’m already member of this forum.

They’re complete;y separate systems, so there shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll DM you.