Trying published BPMN App

Hi, I am new to BPM and just tried out Flowable. I had made my first process using Flowable Modeler by following the documentation here. The next step after publishing the app was to try it and I cannot find any folder named flowable-work. So the question is whether flowable-work is only available for the enterprise version? Is there any alternative where I can try out my published app? Thank you for your time reading and explaining.’


Flowable Work is the enterprise UI for executing process, cases, etc. The open source alternative is Flowable Task. The documentation at is intended for the enterprise version, though the general concepts around BPMN, CMMN, and the core engines are applicable, your primary documentation source for the open source product is here

Check out this blog post for a tutorial using only open source tooling:

Hey @wwitt, thanks for answering. It seems that I get to refer the wrong documentation and thanks for telling me :slight_smile: Another question, can I import bpmn20.xml file in the open source edition? Thanks.

Yes, import of BPMN / CMMN / DMN is supported in the Flowable Modeler.