Custom entity support

I am doing a poc (BPM+CMMN)for modernizing an huge application,in a very large organization
My Requirement are as follows

1)My custom entity Should support workflow. i.e My Case Entity should have the ability to be assigned to different roles in the system.
2)I don’t want to show users Task instead cases assigned to them, in a list.
If this is supported then i am planning to use angular to display listing and view the case entity.

Is this possible
Can you give an example how i should do this in right way

  1. Not sure if I’m understanding the question fully, but here’s the general idea: Flowable does not assign roles directly to case instances (nor process instances). If you’d need a special permission mechanism for case instances, this would have to be added in the layer above the cmmn engine.

  2. That’s perfectly possible, check the CmmnRuntimeService.createCaseInstanceQuery() for querying case instances.

Hi Joram
I am not talking about cmmn(sorry if i confused you with my case entity ,it has no relation to CMMN , consider my case as employee raising a service ticket so a case is opened normally in that way i was talking) I am talking about any custom entity hook up with workflow
For example hr creates a new employee (persist that entity) then assign employee record to hr manager for approval instead of a task assigned to him or her
Then hr manager approves it or refer the record to background check

In this scenario I want task to display the whole entity and appear in the list of assigne task

In Plain words Can i persist my entity in my own schema using process flow and apply workflow sequence on that entity ?