Adapting cases as they get executed


I’m a first time user of flowable and it looks like it offers a lot. I’m looking in particular at Case Management / CMMN and how to use it in our situation. I was wondering if 1 CMMN definition can support different profiles of executions depending on an input.

So for example, maybe we’ve got 2 stages - “capture the athlete details”, “check team members are all healthy”. Now, say I capture 10 athletes in stage 1, then would it be possible to have 10 tasks created automatically as part of stage 2?

e.g. can the data captured as part of the case (or upfront if not that) be used to customize what the case looks like?

Hope this makes sense.

Yes, you can: a repetition rule on the human task, referencing the collected data (in an expression) would allow you to do this.