CMMN and Identities


We are trying to use the CMMN engine to build a sort of “check list” for unstructured flows.
We need our check list to have an hierarchy - and not all tasks within the Case should be visible for all users.
So we wanted to try using nested Cases:
Parent Case

  • Task 1(Human Task)
  • Task 2 (Case task - child case)
    Child Case
  • Task 3 (Human Task)
  • Task 4 (Human Task)

And we would like all users to see the parent tasks - but only a specific group should view the child tasks.
I could implement it via our own tables - but i would like to know if there is a better way of implementing this using the CMMN.

Inbal Added

Can’t you use candidateGroups, they are similar as in BPMN. Associate the group id with the task, and use them in the TaskQuery.

As far as i could see - i can use candidate groups only on HumanTasks - and not on additional PlanItems (service tasks, process tasks, case tasks)

That’s correct - the reason is because service/process/case tasks are all automatic, i.e. not associated with any human actor. Within the process / case, the human tasks can have user assignments like candidate groups again.

Thank you for the explanation - now its clear