CMMN support for the future

I have been using CMMN for a few situations and find it incredibly easy for the models that were engineered. I couldnt imagine doing same in BMPN. It looks like other competitors have dropped support for CMMN. Is there a going concern if CMMN will continue to be supported?




Is it possible to get an update/response to this question? I couldn’t find an answer elsewhere.

I agree that CMMN is useful in certain workflows but I am nervous about adopting the standard and flowable discontinuing support for CMMN in the near future, similar to other vendors.

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Hey @tjmac44 and @bbirdsong,

We agree with you that CMMN is super easy for certain workflows and that doing the same things in BPMN is super difficult and complex. We at Flowable are strong believers in the symbiosis of CMMN, BPMN and DMN.

You can read more about our opinion on this in our Case Management section of our website, or when you try the enterprise trial. The start point of the trial is also CMMN Case. We have also written a blogs about CMMN: Introducing the Case Management Model and Notation Standard: CMMN and a 5 part introduction to CMMN starting with Introducing CMMN in Action: Part One.

I think that CMMN has been a little bit underrated from the open source community, there are some active users on this forum that do use it though. However, from an enterprise point of view most of our customers start with CMMN and integrate BPMN and DMN with it.

Having said all of that, I can say that you do not need to have any concerns that Flowable will drop support for CMMN. It is actually quite the contrary, we keep working on it and adding new features and extensions to it.