Wizard with user task

Hi guys,
I’m new in flowable, I wish to create a flow with mutual steps.
Each step is a form like in a wizard.
So for example my workflow 1 can have usertask1->usertask2->usertask3
workflow2 can have usertask1->usertask3->usertask2

If I would manage form outside of the form component of the flowable how I can manage user interaction? I’m using spring boot application with angular UI, and I’m thinking to incapsulate flowable engine in a microservice.
Thank you


What you’re describing is not really a ‘flow’, if everything can be connected to each other.
Maybe it’s better to look into CMMN, where such patterns are more easily described as sentry conditions, without having to connect all user tasks with each other as you’d need to do with BPMN.