How to handle custom UI (for example in Angular), for user Task

Hi Folks,
we want to implement custom UI using html5 and javascript (and Angular 4.0) for the user task activities.
How can this be achieved?

I think something like, from tue workspace the user executes the activiy by redirecting the user to the external UI implemented in Angular, and when the angular single page applications finishes, it can redirect to the workspace submitting the results.

Does this make sense?
Best Regards

Either use the out of the box REST API, or build your own which is then a thin layer above the java API by including the engine as a regular Java dependency (for example with Spring Boot you can quickly do this,, but any other Java technology that can be used for creating REST API’s works)

Not sure what you mean with ‘workspace’ in this context here … would need some more information to be able to comment :slight_smile: