Developing Custom UI (Embedded)

Hi all.

I have a requirement to include Flowable in a React Application, so I need to show the Tasks, Initiate new Process Instances, get data using forms and so.
I know that I can do it using Rest API. There are best practices for developing custom UIs reusing some componentes? or the best practice is to start from scratch?

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I think the best place to get started is the Flowable 6 task app
This task app is written in Angular, but it shows how you could implement such an app. This app uses its own app REST API instead of using the Flowable REST API directly. This is mainly done because of some additional logic that was needed.

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Hi Tijs.

Thanks I’ll get that application as reference. I’ve reviewed that code and I’m think about to create a pt-br.json for i18n (I’m a native Portuguese speaker from Brazil).

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I want to modify the Flowable 6 task app, buit I have no idea how the app is build, any diagram of the interaction of the app with the back end?

I dont know anything about angular but Im startind to study.

Any help wold be apreciated.


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