UI apps, rest api and embedded process engine


Is it ok to point the UI apps, the rest api and the embedded process engine the same database scheme?

Can this lead to inconsistent data ?

I need to integrate a custom app to the flowable engine and consider the following setup:

  • Use the UI apps to model and deploy processes.
  • Use the UI apps for back-office tasks
  • Create integration to a custom apps which connects to the same database using the REST API and/or the embedded flowable engine.

Would this be ok ?

I would be thankful if someone can provide some info on the subject


Yes, I believe all is ok if you use the REST API for a custom integration. If you’re using the engines embedded is a custom app, it is also ok, provided you make sure the engine configuration is the same as the UI apps.


Is that means we can directly use flowable ui rest api to my app?