Admin Tool for Flowable OSS embedded in microservices

Hi, Folks,
We have been using flowable 6 as embedded process engine in our microservices stack for orchestration use cases.
So far we have been able to use customized Admin UI apps to connect to the embedded flowable engine. Basically we have modified the admin app to be able to connect to flowable REST api using EUREKA and view and administer the flowable engine hosted there. The admin app was quite buggy and lacking but did the basic job.
In flowable 7 there are no UI Apps thus besides REST API there is no actual admin APP.
What are the options for people using the embedded OSS flowable to do administration ?
I am checking the flowable CONTROL app but , i only see prices for the platform as a whole and can the control app be used in landscape for administration of embedded flowable OSS instances ?
I am completely confused on the strategy here, since flowable REST APP is just not really making sense without any frontend.

Best Regards, Chavdar

AFAIK, the support for UI applications was dropped, since they were intended as demo apps, and no one in community wanted to rewrite them and maintain them properly.

we had the same issue as you, and ended up doing the following:

  1. we still run the old app with new version of engine (REST remains the same)
  2. we are implementing our admin tool to use it in future
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For our own usage, we have created a UI using open tools like camunda / We have wrapped the engine inside an API wrapper in order to give us more control over what the UI interacts with. But a the core level, we still use the provided REST API. I don’t think there is a quick fix for you available.