Spring Boot 2 + Flowable 6.3.1


I configured flowable 6.3.1 with Spring boot 2.0.0. I am able to deploy a sample process into the engine successfully.

I am using the embedded Tomcat server that comes with Spring Boot to enable the ReST APIs Flowable.

I have two questions:

(1) I am not sure how to access the UI applications that are bundled with Flowable. In other words, how do I deploy the UI applications to the “embedded” Tomcat server in Spring Boot 2?

(2) When I call the ReST endpoints - for example, a GET request on http://localhost:8080/process-api/repository/process-definitions/, I am getting a 403 Forbidden error. I ried basic auth with admin/test credentials, but I have the same problem.

Thank you for any help.


For the ReST API, I used rest-admin/test credentials, but getting a 403 - forbidden error.

Hi Sunil,

  1. The UI applications bundled with Flowable are Spring boot 2 applications. The easiest way is to run them in one Tomcat container together. But you can also boot them with the embedded Tomcat container for each app separately.

  2. Are you using the flowable-rest.war file that’s in the Flowable 6.3.1 distribution? Which database are you using? Could you check if the rest-admin user is in the ACT_ID_USER table?

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Here is what I want to accomplish and what I did:

  1. I have an existing Spring Boot 2 application. I want my application to execute BPMN processes and also expose the flowable ReST API.

  2. With my Spring Boot 2 application, I want to bundle the Process Modeler and Admin applications bundled with Flowable distribution. For other UI applications, I will be developing my own version of the task and other UI applications as needed.

Therefore, this is what I did:

  1. For (1) above, I included a dependency in my existing Spring Boot 2 pom.xml as follows:


I am using Spring Boot 2.0.2 and PostgresSQL database. I also used the following properties in application.properties file in my application:

Not sure whether or not I need to include the following properties


#The following properties are required

This Spring Boot 2 application runs on localhost port 5555.

The system compiled correctly and it created all the database tables for Flowable in the “dbo” schema of PostgresSQL database. However, the table act_id_user is empty and does not have any created users.

  1. I installed the Flowable UI applications on a separate and different Tomcat server port - localhost:8080. I moved all the WAR files to the webapps directory of this Tomcat installation.


The goal I want to accomplish is to design my process model using the modeler running on port 8080 and then deploy this process into the Tomcat server running my Spring Boot 2 application. Thereafter, I should be able to monitor this process using the Admin UI.

The question I have is: How do I setup the Flowable Admin UI on Tomcat port 8080 so that it can monitor my process running on Tomcat port 5555?

Thank you for any help.


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