Flowable Admin UI and Rest Endpoint


I am new Flowable. I am using Flowable 6.5.0.

I have created a flowable spring boot app with Spring boot flowable starter rest dependency. The bpmn file is deployed successfully. I am able to see the process definition and deployments via Rest Endpoints. I am using PostgreSql DB.

I tried to configure Flowable admin with the spring boot rest endpoints so that i can view the deployments or process definition in the flowable admin UI.


When i add the above endpoints in Flowable admin, i get the error message as below.

No mapping for GET /process-api/repository/process-definitions

Could you please give any pointers on the above issue.

I have progressed on this and resolved the issue. This is due to a deployment issue in tomcat.


Can u explain a bit , what was the issue.

The flowable default.properties was not having the correct URL and i had to correct it in order to make this accessible for the Spring Boot Application.

Do you mean the application.properties?

See: Flowable OAuth2 Resource Server