How to use Flowable UI in Angular Application

Hi, I am new to Flowable Modeler. i have a requirement to create a flowable UI in my Angular 8 Application. which one is the best way?. and i want to customize flowable UI based on my requirements. is it possible to Customize flowable UI?. please can someone suggest. please provide me any working sample for angular with flowable UI.
Basically i want an UI like below image. is it possible to customize flowable UI like below?. any suggestions will be helpful.

Thanks in Advance,

Hey @Chinna510,

The Flowable Open Source UI applications are example applications licensed under Apache 2.0. You can take the source code and do what you need with it.

We do not provide APIs for extending or customizing the Flowable Open Source UI applications.


Thanks for your reply @filiphr . i am going through the same path as you suggested.