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I’ve got a scenario that implies building an application that represents a kind of Wizard as a sequence of steps. At each step, a user answers a question or enters some data. So each step has to be associated with a user form. The next step at any point depends on the choices made (or data entered) in the previous steps.

As a solution, I created a process business model. Steps are represented as user tasks. Each user task is associated with a user form. Transitions between steps (where to go next) are represented by exclusive gateways and sequence flows with some condition expressions.

Then I created an app.

It actually works but the problem is that
when I initiate the sequence as new work in FlowableEngage it creates a task for a user, then when a user fills in the form and submits it, it creates the next task and places it into the task list, then the user has to open the task, answer a question on the form, submit, then new task created and so on.
There is no continuity. That’s not what I’d like to achieve.

After initiation, I’d like to see the first form in a sequence, then when I press “Next” I’d like the next form to show up automatically and so on until the endpoint is reached.

Please advise. Thank you in advance.

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