What is the servlet (and/or its mappings) flowable-rest dependencies of flowable rest api


I want to use the flowable rest API in my web project and in the docs its is written that “Flowable includes a REST API to the Flowable engine that can be installed by deploying the flowable-rest.war file to a servlet container like Apache Tomcat. However, it can also be used in another web-application by including the servlet (and/or its mappings) in your application and add all flowable-rest dependencies to the classpath.”
But I am not finding the name of the servlet and the class of the servlet to use in the mapping.

How would I map the Flowable REST Servlet ? I am using the spring web dynamic project.

You can use Flowable in

  1. Standalone version : where you deploy flowable-rest.war to tomcat. Once deployed you should be able to access it using http://:/flowable-rest/service/
curl -vvv --user username:password http://localhost:8080/flowable-rest/service/repository/process-definitions

More information on Rest API can be found @ https://www.flowable.org/docs/userguide/index.html#restApiChapter

  1. Embedded version: You can embed flowable in your existing spring project. Most of the examples given are related to Sprint Boot. One can be found @ https://github.com/flowable/flowable-examples/tree/master/spring-boot-example

Hope this helps!